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In 1996 I first visited Bulgaria. I taught English to Bulgarian and Polish students at an English language camp in Banya, Bulgaria (near Plovdiv.) The purpose of the camp was for students to practice their English in an native English like environment while promoting tolerance and understanding using English as a bridge. This camp, 

and others in Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia and Lithuania were organized by Bridges for Education, a not for profit educational organization. Click here to see pictures from that 1996 camp.

For six years, I lived in Sofia, Bulgaria with my wife Iva and our children. I taught world history at the American College of Sofia from 1999 to 2004. Follow the pictures for a tour of Sofia and other places in Bulgaria. Most of the pictures were taken by us.

For more personal pictures of our family in Bulgaria and elsewhere, look on the family page.



Sofia - the capital of Bulgaria.

A Brief History of Sofia.

Other cities and towns in Bulgaria.

A walking tour of Sofia. If you are in Sofia, take the tour. In a two - three hour walk you can visit many of the best sites.

President Clinton's Visit to Bulgaria:
November 1999.

Ancient Christmas Traditions in Bulgaria.  A brief explanation by the Bulgarian Language and Literature Department, American College of Sofia.

A Comparison of the Easter Traditions in Bulgaria and America. "The Resurrection of Christ - Easter or the Great Day" by Andrey Voynov, 2000 Graduate of the American College of Sofia.

Descriptions of typical Bulgarian foods. 




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