Did you know?


…that Bulgaria is one of the oldest European states, founded in 681 AD?


…that Bulgaria once stretched from the Black Sea to the Adriatic Sea, down to the Aegean sea and as far north as modern Hungary?


Bulgaria has ancient Roman amphitheaters and other ruins? 


Bulgaria is a stable democracy and has not been involved in any war since World War II?


Bulgaria was the first state to adopt the Cyrillic alphabet and that the alphabet spread from Bulgaria to Russia?


Bulgaria has wonderful mountains (and good skiing) and golden, sandy beaches on the Black Sea as well?


…in the 5th century, Roman Emperor Justinian (whose code of law became the word justice) built a church in Sofia, Bulgaria's capital, in gratitude of the recovery of his daughter Sophia, who drank from Sofia's famous mineral water?


Bulgaria produces fantastic (and affordable) wine?


…Pope John Paul II visited Bulgaria in May 2002?


…Bulgarian food is a mix of Bulgarian, Greek and Turkish food? (Mousaka, Baklava and “Shopska” Salad are all popular dishes in Bulgaria.)


Bulgaria's current Prime Minister was also the last king of Bulgaria? He also is related to Britain's Queen Elizabeth II.



Bulgaria has wonderful scenery and nature?


…the inventor of the computer, John Atanasov is of Bulgarian origin?









Bulgaria has the only large rock relief monument in all of Europe, the Madara Horseman, made in the 8th century?













…Bulgaria is a wonderful tourist destination.